Data Security

Balance and prioritize prevention, detection, and mitigation around highly sensitive data

Customers rely on Evee Security Consulting to proactively safeguard sensitive information from all threats. In today’s digitally connected world, data has become one of the most valuable commodities that allows companies to optimize the way they do business and gain a competitive advantage.

However, despite the billions of dollars spent in the area of data security, most organizations and enterprises have a difficult time protecting their most valuable asset.  According to the Ponemon institute, only 25% of companies monitor access & activity of sensitive data. Almost everyday we read stories from government classified, to personal identifiable information, to company proprietary information falling into the wrong hands.

The stakes have never been higher for companies to properly manage their data, as loss and data exposure can ruin a firm’s reputation with customers and partners. Malicious attackers have long recognized the financial value inherent in data. It is one of the primary reasons why we have seen a staggering number of data breaches.

Evee Security Consulting Group has the expertise to help organizations from becoming the next data breach headline and meet compliance mandates. Our experts can help you to implement safeguard solutions designed to classify, track and protect sensitive data. Our team will work alongside your organization or business to create customized solutions to prevent malicious or inadvertent actors from gaining access to your most critical data.

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